5 Tips for Hiring an Electrician

When it comes to anything related to electricity in your home it is always best to hire a professional: they are licensed, have experience and carry insurance in case something goes wrong. As you will find, though, through trial and error that not all electricians are the same and sometimes you need to say no to hiring one even if they’ve given you an estimate. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you’re looking to hire an electrician to complete work around your home.

They often charge by the hour

While this isn’t a bad thing you need to keep them in mind. So many people get caught up on the hourly rates that they forget to think about the cost of the job overall, since one hour doesn’t necessarily mean one job. Also an electrician with 20 years experience might charge $65/hour but it could be worth the few extra dollars rather than paying someone with very little experience $40/hour who cannot complete the job properly and then you have to bring someone else in anyway. Save yourself the time and headache and trust that someone who charges more usually has earned the right to.

Travel Charges

Electricians spend a whole lot of time in their work vehicles, going from work site to work site so they have to account for that time in some way. Ask before you hire them if they charge for this time. Some electricians may account for this time in their hourly rate, but it’s important to clarify if they charge to simply come out to your house.

Combine Jobs Together

If it’s not an emergency, then just keep a list of jobs you would need an electrician for. When you have a decent amount on your list then call an electrician to come out and do the jobs. This way you will save money on the jobs since they will be done all at once and an electrician doesn’t have to come out multiple times. For example, you might have two jobs that take 30 minutes each but an electrician may have a one-hour minimum rate. So instead of paying for two hours you will only pay for one by combining the effort.

Prepare before the electrician comes

If he/she has to spend time moving things to get to the electrical panel, for example, then it’s more time they will be charging you. If you can prepare for this by moving things and making sure all the areas they need to access are free and clear. It may also help to have an exact list of things you want done so that no time is wasted discussing what might be a good idea to do.

 Ask about a warranty

A reputable electrician will stand behind their work, so when you hire an electrician make sure to ask what kind of warranty they have to offer. If you aren’t comfortable with their guarantee you might feel uneasy about hiring them to complete the work in your home.

If you complete some research before you officially hire an electrician then you will know you’re making a sound decision. The electrical work in your home is important, and it shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. With this in mind, take some time and talk to a few people. You can even have more than one electrician give you an estimate on the job(s) you want completed. This is ultimately your decision because it’s your house, so make sure you are comfortable with the company or electrician you are hiring.

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